Jennifer Pike Violin Trust

Jennifer is grateful to Nigel Brown for setting up the Jennifer Pike Violin Trust. She is currently seeking to secure ownership of her violin, a fine instrument made in Venice by Matteo Goffriller in 1708. Through an instrument trust set up by Nigel Brown OBE and the Stradivari Trust, who have helped many other eminent players, we have raised enough to cover the cost of the instrument and all set-up costs. Contributors to the Trust now own a share in the instrument which Jennifer can acquire over time, and she has the right to use it in the meantime. Whilst the Trust is now complete as far as share ownership is concerned Jennifer is still seeking donations to assist her with buying the instrument herself. Donations can be made to the Stradivari Trust, a registered charity, marked for the support of the Jennifer Pike Violin Trust. Find out how you may contribute and support Jenniferís career in this crucial way by contacting the Stradivari Trust:

Jennifer is also most grateful to the following for their generous help and support:

J & A Beare and Co

Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University

The Guildhall School of Music and Drama

Conrad Blakey OBE

Nigel Brown OBE

The Derek Butler Trust

The Leathersellers' Company

Graucob Fund

Michael and Barbara Gwinnell

The Hattori Foundation

Saba Young Musicians' Trust 

Sue and Gordon Thorburn

Celia Blakey

The Martin Musical Scholarship Fund

Awards for Young Musicians

The Musicians Benevolent Fund (Manoug Parikian Award, Geoffrey Shaw Scholarship and Geoffrey Shaw Memorial Award)

The Royal Academy of Music


She would also like to thank the many other organizations and individuals who helped in various ways.

"one of Britainís brightest musical prodigies for a generation"